They will be available in dark and milk chocolate.

By Hannah Chubb
February 20, 2019 05:50 PM
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It’s true: Reese’s Thins are about to hit shelves.

The new cups, first rumored back in October, are 40% thinner than the original Reese’s cup. They boast a more equal peanut butter to chocolate ratio than the original and each thin is small enough to scarf down in two bites. Other than that, Reese’s Thins are essentially a pared down version of the sweet and salty cups you know and love.

Available in both dark and milk chocolate, they come individually wrapped for convenience, meaning you can stick them in your purse or lint-filled pocket and enjoy them on the go.

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The highly-anticipated candy land on shelves nationwide in early March, and they’re available right now at Walmart. You can pick up a small bag for $2.49, or a sharing bag for $4.09. And don’t worry—we won’t judge you if your sharing bag is “shared” with yourself.


When news of Reese’s Thins dropped last year, Michele Buck, Hershey North America’s president, said they hoped to “appeal to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility.”