It's now acceptable to eat cake for breakfast

Reese's Snack cakes
Credit: Reese's

Eating candy for breakfast may be frowned upon, but let's be real — we've all done it at some point. With their latest treat, though, Reese's is embracing this concept.

The brand just unveiled Reese's Snack Cakes that are designed to be a "mid-morning cake treat," according to a press release. Each pack consists of two soft-baked chocolate cake bars that are topped with smooth peanut butter cream and dipped in milk chocolate.

Reese's came up with the idea after research showed that 83% of adults in the U.S. ate dessert before noon over the last month.

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"We wanted to create the perfect treat for Reese’s fans to satisfy that mid-morning sweet tooth,” said Mike Orr, Snacks Brand Manager for Reese's in a press release. “We know that sometimes you just don’t want to wait until lunch – that’s how Reese’s Snack Cakes were born!”

The 2-cake snack packs will be rolling out at convenience stores nationwide starting in December for $1.99, just in time for the holidays.

While you wait for the snack cakes to hit shelves, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Krispy Kreme's Reese's donut that was just brought back as a permanent addition to the menu.

The collaboration between Reese's and Krispy Kreme launched last year for a limited time before returning for good. The donut is filled with peanut butter creme, dipped in chocolate icing, topped off with mini peanut butter chips and finished with a drizzle of creamy peanut butter and chocolate sauce.