Ree Drummond's Husband Ladd Jokes Ree and Her Sister 'Need to Go to the Bar a Little Less'

"You're developing a bar habit with your sister, I don't know why," Ladd joked with his wife

Ree Drummond and sister Betsy
Photo: Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond and her sister, Betsy, like to have fun.

Ree shared a preview for the new season of The Pioneer Woman on Instagram on Thursday, where she asks her husband Ladd what it's like to have her sister around more now that the two are renovating a house together. After a brief pause, Ladd decided to joke around with his wife.

"I mean, it's good," Ladd said. "But, you know, you need to go to the bar a little less... You're developing a bar habit with your sister, I don't know why."

The Pioneer Woman star herself was quick to respond, admitting that they went to the bar "a couple times," although Ladd added an asterisk to her answer — revealing that she's gone to the bar three times in recent weeks. But, as he put it, there was "zero bar-going" in the "previous 26 years" of their marriage.

"Well, what can I say? I love my sister," Ree responded. "I don't want her to go to the bar alone. That would be worse."

Ladd's discovery that he has a "bar-hopper of a wife" is part of the Food Network show's brand new season premiering on Saturday. It marks her first episodes back with her U.K.-based crew. The team was away from the Drummond family and their Oklahoma ranch during the pandemic, and in the meantime, the show was filmed by Ree's kids — Alex, 25, Paige, 22, Bryce, 19, Todd, 18, and foster son Jamar, 18.

"I will miss my kids filming with me so so much, but I think you'll like this upcoming crop of shows with my original crew, who got to come back in July after more than two years," she wrote. "As you can see in this clip, however, a lot has changed since then…🤓😂"

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Ree Drummond (L) and Ladd Drummond pose for a photo during The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration with Ree Drummond at The Mason Jar on June 6, 2017 in New York City.
Monica Schipper/Getty

When Ree and the kids filmed the show, it quickly tuned into an "incredible bonding experience," she previously told PEOPLE.

During that time, she got acquainted with her daughter Alex's husband, Mauricio Scott, calling it a "really great time for us to get to know Mauricio and just kind of have that purpose together during that crazy first few months."

"We've all been talking and we kind of want to create a new version of the show that sort of marries the two eras — the kids shooting era and then the original," she said. "So it'll be fun to kind of see where the show goes when my crew comes back."

The crew headed back to Oklahoma in July, taking a photo with Ladd and Ree, who shared the image of everyone together once again on her Instagram Stories. She slapped a "welcome back" sticker on her post, and celebrated their first time reuniting since January 2020.

Ree's sister Betsy, who is from Seattle, has been around the family much more frequently after the pair bought a house together in Pawhuska, Oklahoma to renovate last year. As Ree shared on her blog, the home will "double as an extra place in town for friends and family (and film crews!) to stay as needed." It's now being referred to as the "Sister House," and Ree has shared updates of its renovation over time.

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