Ree Drummond Recalls 'Rock Bottom' Moment That Led to Nearly 60-Pound Weight Loss Journey

"It's really about how I feel. I feel great," Pioneer Woman's Ree Drummond said of her health and wellness journey

Ree Drummond is reflecting on the moment that made her prioritize her health and wellbeing.

The Food Network star, who has been open about her fitness journey, got candid during an interview with Entertainment Tonight about a time she went "overboard" with snacks that made her want to change up her lifestyle.

"I have a cooking show, I write cookbooks, I have a cooking website. I have a restaurant, a bakery. So you know, it just kept creeping up and in January of this year, we took my son Bryce to college," she explained. "I tell this story, but I basically hit rock bottom eating chips and salsa one night. I went a little overboard, but I thought that night, 'I am going to start tomorrow.'"

Drummond, 52, said that's when she made a change.

"I am doing something different," Drummond told ET. "And I just started and I almost lost 60 pounds now."

Now, Drummond said she feels "great, and that's what matters" most of all. She went on to explain that her fitness journey wasn't necessarily about losing weight, but just feeling her best.

Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond. Monica Schipper/Getty Images

"The scale was sort of a gauge for me that I was heading in the right direction. And it was never about 'I have to lose this amount.' It's really about how I feel. I feel great," she said to ET, adding that she has a consistent fitness routine and is more conscious of what she puts in her body.

She continued: "It changes your whole outlook, just having the routine of exercise in your day and, you know, I still eat the foods that I cook my family. I still eat cake — I just eat a Rhode Island–sized piece instead of a Texas-sized piece!"

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In a June blog post, the Pioneer Woman star detailed some of the ways she changed her diet, exercise regimen and mentality to lose 43 lbs. over the previous several months. Drummond began by emphasizing that while weight loss was part of her goal, it wasn't the driving factor for her.

"In January, just before I bit the bullet and took the leap, I was tired, puffy, and desperate ... and I knew I shouldn't be feeling that way."

She added that while she doesn't necessarily get offended if someone makes a comment about her weight, she "mostly just think[s] about how much better I feel every day and feel grateful that I've made it over the hump."

Before sharing the steps that worked for her, Drummond included a few of the things that she's tried in the past that weren't sustainable for her lifestyle — including fad diets, intermittent fasting, weight-loss programs and personal trainers.

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Instead, she said she focused simply on eating fewer calories and incorporating more movement into her day. In addition to calculating a calorie deficit and weighing her food to create the portion sizes that were right for her, she "made exercise a regular part of my day, whether I walked with the dogs or did the rowing machine."

"I'd gotten so accustomed to excusing myself from working out because of my work schedule or travel schedule ... but during the past few months, I just chose to be late on a deadline or put off work until the next day so that exercise could happen," she explained. "It was a simple shift in mindset, but it was important!"

The cookbook author reminded her readers that her journey to living her healthiest life is a work in progress.

"It only took me 52 years to figure it out, but that's okay!" she said at the time. "I hope this helps you, whether in big ways or small. Remember that feeling good, realistic goals, being healthy and having fun is the way to go!"

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