Ree Drummond Visits Her Son Bryce at College: 'I Sure Loved Every Minute'

The Food Network star and her quarterback son posed in Apogee Stadium at the University of North Texas

Ree Drummond is certainly one proud mom.

This weekend, the Pioneer Woman star visited her oldest son Bryce at his college, the University of North Texas. "I drove to Texas to see Bryce today! Then I drove home," she wrote on a photo of their reunion. "Captivating story, I know. 😂 But I sure loved every minute. I love you, Bryce!! 💚"

It's no wonder Ree, 53, was beaming with pride. Bryce, 19, is a quarterback at his university. He started there last January after graduating high school early to practice with his new team. The mother-son duo posed on the football field — Bryce dressed in his football uniform and Ree, like any adoring parent on their college kid's campus, donned a University of North Texas baseball cap.

This isn't the first time the home cook posted a gushy tribute to her son's latest achievements. In September, she shared adorable photos of the athlete for his birthday, including a photo of him at his sister Alex's wedding.

"Happy birthday to my third child and first son Bryce, who was my only anesthesia-free childbirth experience, who will eternally (to me) look like this [childhood] photo, and who will forever inhabit a very special portion of my heart—the portion devoted to mysterious minds and deep dimples," she wrote.

ree drummond
Ree Drummond/Instagram

Along with Alex, 24, and Bryce, Ree posts plenty of adoring photos of her other children: daughter Paige, 21, son Todd, 17, and foster son Jamar, 18. Most recently, the celebrity chef posted a playful Instagram photo, introducing Paige's new boyfriend, Mitchell Adams. "Paige has a new haircut and a new friend. Okay, bye," she wrote.

In the photo, she posed in between her daughter and her "new friend" as they ate sundaes in the kitchen on the Drummond ranch.

Paige took to the comments section to set the record straight: "Don't be fooled everyone. She slipped up and called him boyfriend this weekend 🤭," she commented.

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