Ree Drummond Teases Foster Son Jamar for Bringing Home Bags of Laundry: 'Good Thing He's Cute'

Looks like Ree Drummond will be spending the week doing foster son Jamar's laundry

Ree Drummond son Jamar
Jamar in the Drummond's new home. Photo: Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond is discovering that having an empty nest doesn't always mean having an empty laundry room.

The Food Network star revealed that over the weekend her foster son Jamar came home from the University of Central Oklahoma with a gift for her: bags and bags and bags of dirty laundry.

"If I had a Tide pod for every grain of sand on all the beaches of the world, I still would not have enough Tide pods to finish all of Jamar's laundry over the next week," Ree wrote in the caption of a photo of Jamar, snapped as he held his laundry bags and baskets.

"This was his second trip from the truck," the Pioneer Woman host teased. "It's a good thing he's so cute."

Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond and foster son Jamar. Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree shares Jamar with her husband, Ladd Drummond. The couple, who have been married for 25 years, are also parents to daughters Alex, 24, and Paige, 22, sons Bryce, 19, and Todd, 18.

In October, Ree told PEOPLE that she and Ladd were getting used to being near empty nesters, with four out of the five of her kids having moved out.

"We are in such a different season now, Ladd and me. We have only Todd at home," she said at the time. "We are almost empty-nesting!"

As big of a change as that is, Ree revealed that she's "embracing" the new phase of life.

"I used to get sad when the kids left for college. When the girls left, I cried and wailed and mourned. But now, now I just sort of embrace what those changes bring," she explained. "Right now, it's bringing a little bit of peace, serenity, and quiet. The kids are almost all grown and we can enjoy them when they come home. But then when they're gone, we really enjoy that too."

"That doesn't mean chaos isn't on the horizon, because it always is," she joked. "It always is somehow."

Ree Drummond Family
The Drummond family. Ree Drummond/Instagram

As for Jamar, who played on the same high school football team as Bryce and Todd, he joined the Drummond family nearly three years ago.

"Jamar's circumstances presented themselves to us in a way we couldn't ignore," Ree wrote in an excerpt from her book Frontier Follies shared back in November 2020.

Explaining why she waited a year and a half to reveal the news to her followers, Ree said, "I've never wanted to subject Jamar to more attention than he wanted or needed before he had a chance to settle in and get his bearings in our home."

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Since then, Ree has been sharing plenty of photos with Jamar to her Instagram account, including a sweet post last February when Jamar officially signed to play football at the University of Central Oklahoma.

"I'm so proud of him and so grateful for his friends, coaches, and community for supporting him in countless ways," an emotional Ree wrote. "And I'm grateful for Jamar himself — his hard work, his commitment, and his presence in our family.

"Go Jamar, and #ROLLCHOS!" she added. "Is someone choppin' onions in here?"

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