"Please keep our beautiful state in your hearts and prayers," the Food Network star tweeted.

By Matt McNulty
May 28, 2019 02:46 PM

Ree Drummond’s Pawhusha, Oklahoma ranch is “fine” after tornadoes ripped through the state this past weekend, according to the Food Network star.

The Pioneer Woman assured fans that her family and home were unscathed by the deadly tornadoes that leveled a motel and mobile homes, killing two people and injuring at least 29.

“We are fine on the ranch and in Pawhuska, but so many of our Oklahoma neighbors are not. Please keep our beautiful state in your hearts and prayers.❤️,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

An E-F3 tornado touched down near the Oklahoma City suburb of El Reno on Saturday night amidst severe weather throughout the region.

The tornado ripped a two-mile path through the area, destroying buildings and homes in its wake. Rescue workers have been busy delivering food and supplies as well as searching for remaining trapped residents in the tornado’s aftermath.

On Sunday morning, another tornado hit the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa, according to the Associated Press.

Drummond and her family were not forced to evacuate their ranch this time, however they did flee during a different tornado back in October 2018.

“We are fine! It was headed straight for our place, so I drove to my sister-in-law’s house with the boys. (Gotta love that detailed radar; you can see everything down to the county road number)” she tweeted during last year’s tornado. “My husband, meanwhile, drove straight into the storm to watch it. Ranchers…”

Drummond’s Pioneer Woman show is filmed on-site at the ranch in Pawhuska, a small town of about 3,500 people where she owns a boutique hotel and multiple restaurants.