The Pioneer Woman's husband had to undergo emergency neck surgery after getting into a truck collision with their nephew Caleb in March


The Pioneer Woman has officially left the farm!

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd may have suffered a setback on their way to Vail, Colorado, earlier this year, but the pair has successfully made it out of Oklahoma for their couple's vacation.

The Food Network star and the rancher are currently enjoying a trip to the Centennial State together after they were forced to cancel their original March plans due to his emergency neck surgery.

Ladd, 52, broke his neck on March 14 after a truck collision involving their nephew Caleb. Both men were responding to a fire burning near the family farm.

Ree, 52, celebrated their well-earned vacation in a blog post on Sunday.

"Ladd and I are on vacation in Colorado together! Can you tell I'm excited? 😂 I am. And let me explain a little bit more about my enthusiasm," she wrote.

"We tried in March to make this same trip. I had already started packing, I was so excited about it. And okay, I hadn't just started packing...I was pretty much packed and not quite waiting by the door since the trip was still two days away, but psychologically I was definitely waiting by the door. But then Ladd was in a terrible accident and we obviously weren't able to go," Ree continued.

As it turns out, Ladd had actually missed three previous trips to Colorado before finally making it out west for this weekend's vacation, while Ree just recently visited the state herself in June.

"Missing our vacation was certainly at the bottom of our list of concerns at the time since Ladd was in the hospital recovering from his emergency neck surgery...but as he started healing and getting better, we had to chuckle that the accident had happened right before our trip, because something had seemed to interrupt our being able to take three previously planned Colorado trips together," she explained. "We might have just given up on trying, but I'm stubborn and so is he, so we decided to make plans one last time and see if we were able to make it happen."

The couple started their trip by exploring the city, and so far have enjoyed a church service and a trip to the farmer's market where Ree picked up a "very large smoked turkey leg."

For now, the Pioneer Woman has a message for her kids while their parents enjoy some time on a "marital vacation" away from the non-stop work of life on the farm.

"I know we're only a few hours in, but we really are having a whale of a time so far. We kinda miss having all the kids here, but we're also enjoying our first non-work related trip alone together since... Since... Since I can't remember! So Drummond kids, take care of one another, don't forget your mom and dad," Ree joked.

The couple shares four kids and a foster son together: Alex, 24, Paige, 21, Bryce, 18, Jamar, 18, and Todd, 17.