The Pioneer Woman star volunteered as the taste tester sure the wedding menu was perfect

If there's one thing Ree Drummond knows she has to make perfect for her daughter Alex's wedding, it's the food.

During an Instagram Live Q&A for The Pioneer Woman Magazine, Alex revealed that she gave her mom free reign of the menu for her nuptials taking place at their Oklahoma ranch on Saturday.

"My mom has kind of been the mastermind behind the wedding menu honestly," Alex, 23, said. "I haven't even tasted the food. My mom tasted it all for us."

Ree, 52, then jumped in and added, "Alex rightly said that I love food more than anyone she knows so she trusts me." The menu for the occasion will be catered by the Food Network star's restaurant, the Mercantile.

Of course, Ree took her job very seriously, selecting a classic main course of beef tenderloin filet, charred vegetables, peppers and asparagus, and mashed potatoes as one of the side dishes.

Ree and Alex Drummond
Credit: the pioneer woman mag/ Instagram

Ree says she "obsessed" over a variety of dipping sauces to accompany the beef. "There are a lot of men in Osage County who firmly believe that you should never put steak sauce on a steak so we have a cute little dish with three little sauce containers and three little sauces so guests can decorate their plate and add whichever ones they want."

The star of the side dishes will be macaroni and cheese with caramelized onions and seven cheeses, including two different processed cheeses (to make it "dreamy and creamy," Alex says), Fontina, goat cheese, mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and Parmesan.

"It's actually cheese with a little macaroni added," Ree says as her daughter visibly seems shocked by the list of ingredients.

While Alex didn't have much of a hand in planning the savory courses, she did care about dessert. Guests will enjoy two wedding cakes created by Amy Cakes in Oklahoma City. The first will be a more traditional cake, boasting multiple layers featuring half vanilla cake and half strawberry with white icing and florals.

"We decided to go with vanilla cake with vanilla icing," Alex says. "I know it's so basic, but it's definitely my favorite."

The second groom's cake, for her soon-to-be husband Mauricio Scott, will be chocolate (her dad's favorite!) and will be shaped and decorated like a football jersey. Half of the cake dedicated to Texas A&M and the other half to the Pittsburgh Steelers, which are Scott's favorite teams.

Of course, they didn't forget about a late night snack, which includes tacos and the groom's only culinary request for the wedding: a churro bar.

On Friday night before the wedding, the couple is having a rehearsal dinner hosted by Mauricio's father which will be "fiesta-themed" and feature traditional Mexican fare.

Alex also dished on some additional details of her special day, including her pink and blue color scheme and the wedding band, which will be bilingual to honor Mauricio's Mexican heritage.

Alex Drummond bridal shower
Paige, Alex and Ree Drummond at Alex's bridal shower
| Credit: Ashley Alexander Photography

The Instagram video was shared just hours after Ree shared a photo of Alex's wedding set up stating she was worried about the possibility of high winds during the big day.

"Um we're having an outdoor wedding," Ree wrote with the photo on her Instagram story. "On the ranch. In Oklahoma. In early May." She then shared a video of one of the flags on top of the white tents blowing in the wind, with a GIF of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. "What could possibly go wrong???" she wrote.

Alex shared more details about the outdoor setup, detailing that they didn't plan to have any cover over the ceremony and the reception tent is open on the sides. However, Alex is remaining optimistic about the weather. "As of right now, it's looking great," she said. "It might be a little windy but we can't really get around that in Oklahoma."

Toward the end of the 30-minute live video, Alex also shared an update on her dad, Ladd, who broke his neck in March when he was involved in a truck collision while responding to a fire on the ranch.

"Dad is going in for a checkup on Thursday and if everything looks good he can take [his neck brace] off to walk me down the aisle," she shared.