The Pioneer Woman star's daughter Alex, 23, got engaged in August

Alex Drummond is nearly finished picking out her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

In a new blog post, Ree Drummond's daughter shared the latest details about her upcoming wedding to her fiancé Mauricio Scott — including the bridal party colors and their plans to have two wedding cakes.

"We're doing a big wedding cake and a groom's cake, and so the wedding cake is just going to be a tall white cake with flowers down it and it's going to be half vanilla, half strawberry," she says in an Instagram video for her #AskAlex series. "We sampled the flavors and they're so good. Shoutout to Amycakes, she's doing our cake. She's based out of Oklahoma City and her cake is amazing."

The second cake at the May 1 reception will feature some of Mauricio's favorite things. "For me, my idea is a football jersey, and then half is going to be [Texas A&M University] and half is going to be Steelers. Because if you know me, you know that I went to A&M and you know that I love the Steelers," he says in the video.

When it comes to the savory foods, their fans want to know if Ree will be doing the cooking. "I wish," says Maurico. Adds Alex: "My mom is definitely not going to cook any of the wedding food. She's going to be off duty." Instead, staff from the family's restaurant, the Mercantile, will be in the kitchen.

Alex drummond picks wedding dress
Credit: Alex drummond/ instagram

Aside from the food, the pair also detailed that they will have 13 bridesmaids and groomsmen in their bridal party. "It's a lot," Mauricio admits.

"Our colors are blues and pinks but not pastel, gender reveal party vibes," Alex continues. "I try to clarify that, because it's not like pastel blue and pastel pink."

They were not as forthcoming about their post-wedding plans. "We want to go somewhere tropical," says Alex of their honeymoon. "Mauricio is actually planning it. He was very insistent."

"It's a secret!" adds Mauricio.

Ree Drummond daughter Alex
Ree and Alex Drummond
| Credit: Parker Chase

In an earlier blog post, Ree said that her family members "are so excited" for Alex and Mauricio's wedding and are prepared for whatever may happen, likely referencing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect weddings around the world.

"I sense from speaking to friends and family—and just hearing from people through my blog and social media—a collective exhaustion from all the pain, change, chaos, upheaval, and loss," she said. "But I'm also starting to see a collective HOPE ❤️that things will get better sooner rather than later...and I'm embracing that feeling."

Ree announced that her eldest daughter was engaged in August, sharing a photo on social media of the happy couple. "These two are gonna have so much fun together. We love you, Alex and Mauricio! 🤠😭😍," she captioned the photo.

Alex also shared the happy news on her own social media, posting sweet photos taken of the moment Mauricio got down on one knee.

"Still waiting for someone to pinch me??!?!" she wrote alongside the post. "Mauricio Scott is the sweetest picture of God's goodness and provision. And I get to spend FOREVER with him!! I love you, fiancé!!!!!!!"