Ree Drummond Celebrates 25 Years of Marriage to Husband Ladd: 'It's Been a Wild Adventure'

"That whole 'love' thing—the love that deepens, expands, and becomes more firmly rooted over time—is definitely there," Ree Drummond wrote in an anniversary Instagram post

Ree Drummond
Photo: Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond is looking back on a quarter century of marriage with her husband, Ladd Drummond.

The Pioneer Woman star, 52, celebrated 25 years of marriage to Ladd with a sweet Instagram post Tuesday marking their relationship milestone. Ree shared a snap from her 1996 wedding day showing herself and Ladd at the altar, along with more recent photos of the couple.

"Twenty five years ago, Ladd and I got married," she began her caption. "It's been a wild adventure, and we've experienced the joys, pains, ups, downs, triumphs, sadnesses, and unexpected twists and turns. (And kids! 🤓)."

Ree continued, "That whole 'love' thing—the love that deepens, expands, and becomes more firmly rooted over time—is definitely there."

Referring to the final photo in her post, which only features Ladd, Ree wrote, "but if you wanna see what's really kept me going all these years, just swipe to the last pic. Can it really be that simple? Well, some days, yes! 🔥😂 I love you, Ladd."

Ree's followers jumped to congratulate her and Ladd in the comments, with fellow Food Network star Katie Lee Biegel writing, "Happy happy anniversary!! 🎉" and Jason Smith adding, "Lord honey happy anniversary y'all."

Bryce Drummond, one of Ree and Ladd's five children, even chimed in, commenting, "the rents" on his mom's post.

Along with Bryce, 19, Ree and Ladd are parents to daughters Alex, 24, and Paige, 21, and son Todd, 17, and foster son Jamar, 18.

ree and ladd drummond
ree drummond/instagram

Ree's post comes after she and her husband had an especially emotional year when he was injured in a serious fire truck accident with her nephew in March. Ladd and Caleb Drummond collided in separate vehicles as they were attempting to put out a blaze on the family's Oklahoma farm, leaving Ladd with a broken neck and sending Caleb to the hospital in critical condition.

While Ladd has made significant progress in the months since, Ree gave an emotional tribute to her husband on Father's Day in which she mentioned some of his biggest "fatherhood moments" of the past year.

"Ladd watching Alex dance with her new husband. Ladd seeing Bryce off to college. Ladd patting Jamar on the back as he signs his letter of intent," she wrote.

"Just a handful of fatherhood moments for my fella this year…and what a year it's been," Ree added. "Happy Father's Day, Ladd. So glad you're here, alive, whole…and all that good stuff. ❤️."

Ree and Ladd saw their eldest daughter, Alex, get married earlier this year, and Ree offered her own marriage philosophy ahead of Alex's May wedding.

"Although we're told marriage is a 50/50 thing, I've found that approaching it as 100/100 is even better," Drummond said in a Pioneer Woman Magazine story. "There will be times when one of you can't bring or give as much to the marriage as the other, whether because of illness, fatigue, stress...and during those times, it's good to think of it as 100/100 so you can fill in each other's gaps."

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