Ree Drummond Gives a Cooking Demonstration at Her Daughter Paige's Sorority—See the Cute Photos

"These are the days," Drummond said in an Instagram post

ree drummond mom's weekend
Photo: Ashley Alexander Photography

Ree Drummond isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

This past weekend the Pioneer Woman star spent time with her youngest daughter, Paige, 20, at the University of Arkansas for her sorority’s “mom’s weekend.” Throughout the weekend hosted by Kappa Kappa Gamma, the mother-daughter pair bonded through various activities and even put on a few cooking demonstrations for Paige’s sorority sisters and their mothers.

In a sweet post on Instagram, the Oklahoma-based cook shared a heartfelt message on photos of her and her daughter. “At Paige’s mom’s weekend, I did a couple of cooking demonstrations just for fun. Paige helped me, we told stories of life on the ranch and filming my cooking show as a family, and I got to observe the cool, strong-minded woman she’s becoming,” Drummond wrote. “These are the days.”

Paige, who is a sophomore at U of A, was equally stoked to spend time with her mom, and even taught her a few things — like the sorority squat pose. Drummond was astounded by the pose, saying: “It’s a whole different way of posing for photos these days. They sort of turn to the side and lean forward with their palm on their leg.” According to Paige, her mom failed at the new pose and even claimed to have thrown her back out in the process.

Drummond has very been open about the tough transition at home since both of her daughters went off to college. In an interview with Cowboys & Indians this past January, she talked about how difficult it was when Paige left.

“There was an immediate difference in the culture of our house. It was suddenly, very noticeably, a man cave, where ranching and football were (and still are!) the primary focus,” Drummond explained, now that it is just her two sons Bryce, 17, and Todd, 15, along with her husband, Ladd, still living at home.

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