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This napping accessory is a must have for your next food coma.

On April 1, Reddit user u/Kotaay took to the r/INEEEEDIT subreddit to share photos of perhaps the greatest item ever for carb lovers: The burrito blanket. No, it was not an April Fool’s Day prank. The burrito blanket exists, and you can actually buy one.

The Reddit post has since gone viral, and the burrito blanket has sparked a frenzy of interest from Tex Mex enthusiasts across the Internet. The item is exactly what it sounds like — a blanket that looks just like a tortilla. Pull it around you and wrap yourself up tight and before you know it, you’re a human burrito. What more could you ask for?

The exact blanket that was posted on Reddit was so popular that is sold out — but it’s finally back in stock! So, if you want to get your hands on this delicious viral blanket you’d better act fact before it sells out again. But in case it does, we found some other awesome lookalikes to fulfill all your human burrito dreams (including an adorable burrito baby blanket!).

Credit: Zen Life

If you have a Mexican food-loving friend with a birthday coming up, are looking for a statement piece to spice up your apartment, or simply want to be a couch burrito (while eating a burrito), you can thank us later.

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Zen Life’s Viral Burrito Blanket

It’s the burrito blanket that started a viral trend — Zen Life’s Burrito Blanket, which is available to shop on Amazon for under $40. This realistic tortilla-print blanket is sure to spark joy in any Tex Mex lover’s life. It’s five feet in diameter so you can roll yourself up with a friend. This burrito blanket also doubles as a beach towel, perfect for summer vacation!

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Zen Life Burrito Blanket, $36.99; amazon.com

Tortilla Throw Blanket

Amazon also offers this super similar tortilla throw blanket by Comfort Food Creations, which comes in three sizes: four feet, five feet, and six feet in diameter. The blanket is currently in stock for $52.90 for the largest size, which may be the way to go if you want to be wrapped head to toe. You can even get a teeny tiny burrito blanket for your kids for just $11.

Burrito BlanketCR: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Comfort Food Creations Burrito Wrap Novelty Blanket, $10.99–$52.99; amazon.com

Burrito Baby Blanket

This tortilla blanket gives swaddling a whole new meaning! You can now wrap you baby up Chipotle-style thanks to Uncommon Goods' tortilla baby blanket. The blanket’s soft layers are made from a breathable fabric to ensure little ones stay cool. Complete with a tortilla-print hat, it’s an irresistibly cute baby shower gift — and it costs under $50.

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Buy It! Tortilla Baby Blanket, $48; uncommongoods.com

Rectangle Tortilla Throw

Society6 has its own version of the wrap, this one coming in a rectangular-shape tortilla throw blanket. According to its website, this blanket is unbelievably soft and warm due to one secret material: Sherpa fleece. We’ll just pretend it’s cotija cheese.

Burrito Blanket
Credit: Society6

Buy It! Burrito Baby/Adult Tortilla Blanket Throw Blanket, $59.99–$132.99; society6.com