Watch Rainn Wilson Star in Little Caesars' First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial

Wilson's character gets a rude awakening in the ad after learning customers think the pizza chain's new delivery service is "the best thing since sliced bread"

Things go from bad to worse for Rainn Wilson in this hilarious Super Bowl commercial.

Starring in Little Caesars’ first-ever ad for the big game, The Office star, 54, plays the CEO of Sliced Bread Inc. — and he gets a rude awakening after learning what customers are saying about the pizza chain’s new delivery service.

“Little Caesars delivery, that’s the best thing since sliced bread,” a customer quips, much to Wilson’s dismay.

“We got a problem, there’s a new best thing,” a startled Wilson learns, before rejecting a long list of ideas — ranging from travel-sized bread to selling bedazzled loafs — on how to make the grocery staple exciting again.

However, as the brainstorming sessions prove futile, Wilson really starts to lose it, especially when he discovers several employees eating Little Caesars in the office. From there, things descend into a literal fiery chaos, and by the end of the spot, Wilson has a new job: working as a delivery person for the pizza brand.

Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson. Little Caesars

Opening up about the ad, Wilson said it was a “blast to be a part of.”

“I mean, we had a stuntwoman riding an ostrich,” he told Adweek. “Nothing says Super Bowl commercial like someone riding an ostrich around the set. It was nuts.”

And while the character he plays in the commercial wasn’t a fan of Little Caesars’ rise to success, Wilson says that Dwight Schrute, the character he played on the Office, would likely have a different take on the situation.

“Dwight Schrute is all about survival of the fittest,” said Wilson, adding that he thought the character would root for the pizza chain.

In addition to the 30-second version of the commercial that will run during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Little Caesars also released an extended cut online.

“We’re excited to bring Little Caesars to such an iconic stage as the Super Bowl for the first time,” Jeff Klein, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Little Caesars said in a press release. “And we can’t wait to introduce our new delivery service to the country in a really massive way.”

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