It’s no secret that colorful foods are very on-trend right now. What began with the rainbow bagels has exploded into rainbow just about everything — grilled cheese, lattes, waffles, you name it.

But really, what pairs better with a rainbow than a cupcake? While eating neon-dyed cheese seems mildly unsettling, on top of a sweet confection it just feels natural. That’s where this frosting hack comes in.

Simply divide your basic vanilla icing (store-bought works great) among 4 bowls and dye each a different color — we used pink, yellow, blue and green. Transfer each into a sandwich-sized resealable plastic bag and snip off about ¼-inch from the corner with clean scissors. Inside a large gallon-sized plastic bag, lay each smaller bag on top of each other with the cut corners all meeting in the corner of the larger bag. Cut off about ½-inch from the big bag, then pipe your frosting like you normally would.

Ta da! A beautiful rainbow. And if all that was too much for you to follow, just watch the video about to see exactly how it’s done.