Is This the End of Rainbow Bagels? N.Y.C.'s The Bagel Store Has Closed Indefinitely

Rainbow bagels, we hardly knew thee.

Rainbow Bagel

Rainbow bagels, we hardly knew thee.

It seems like it was just yesterday when The Bagel Store‘s brightly colored rainbow bagels flooded our Instagram feeds — and now the Brooklyn, New York bakery is causing an uproar again with news of its shop closing indefinitely. (Excuse us while we ugly-cry underneath our desks.)

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Despite landing an insane amount of publicity as well as a boost in their sales — reminiscent of 2013’s Cronut craze — the owners closed down their store this week, leaving a sign at the door for customers, citing a need for renovations while still promising its prompt reopening within a few days.

It wasn’t until The Bagel Store took to their Facebook page to announce their indefinite break, instead referring followers to their second location in the same borough, that things felt real.

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“We got slammed like you cannot believe,” Francine LaBarbara, The Bagel Store’s marketing coordinator tells Gothamist, adding the bakery has sold 800 of the coveted bagels every day for weeks. “I’m going to say it’s been crazy since Christmas.”

The decision to close down the shop came to a desire to improve the Brooklyn staple.

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“We needed to revisit everything that’s happening, to make the shop better …The Graham location has been slammed. We really needed to take a second to regroup, and we can’t wait to open the Bedford location to alleviate things,” says LaBarbara. “Everything had to be redone, to make sure we were okay. It’s really just basic maintenance.”


While there’s no news as to when the Bedford location will officially reopen (PEOPLE reached out for comment), hopeful foodies will just have to make due with a 2D versions on social media — or, you know, trek to their Graham area location.

—Grace Gavilanes

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