Rachael Ray Reveals How She's Dealt with Critics Throughout Her Career

"I love me at the end of the day," the talk show host said.

If you’re going to criticize Rachael Ray, it’s very likely she won’t even be bothered by it.

The 49-year-old Rachael Ray Show host has been in the public eye for over 17 years since she first debuted on the Food Network in 2001 with her signature 30 Minute Meals. On this week’s episode of Rebecca Jarvis’ No Limits podcast, Ray opened up about building her business empire and the thick skin she’s developed while working in the entertainment industry.

“Whether you get liked or not […] I’ve never really cared about that,” she said. “I love me at the end of the day because I did a honest day’s work and I’ve got a solid family and I got my pitbull and I got a sweet husband. I’m good. I’ve never been a person who paid attention to ‘I hate Rachael Ray’, or ‘this person said this’…I don’t care.”

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The daytime talk show host, who has also penned numerous cookbooks, and launched her own magazine, cookware, furniture line, and Nutrish pet food, says she’s never paid attention to negative commenters because they’re not the audience she cares to please.

“I don’t work for those people. I work for the people that buy our brand, for the people that I’m partners with on television shows and things,” said Ray. “We owe each other respect and the best job we can do. And I care about those opinions. The rest of it is a rollercoaster.”

Ray, who has been married to her husband John Cusimano for nearly 12 years, says the confidence she has stems back to her childhood days watching Bambi. “You know Thumper’s mom said, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.'”

And while Ray applauds people who want to freely speak their minds, she’s not here for the negativity.

“If you want to make a statement about something, fine, make your statement about what you believe,” she added. “I think picking at people’s person is ugly and no one should reduce themselves to that. I feel sorry for people that do. I just don’t think that’s a skill anyone needs. Why would you put negative energy into the universe?”

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