'Queer Eye' 's Antoni Porowski on His 'Fluid' Sexuality: 'I've Never Really Had a Label for Myself'

The chef is opening up about his personal life and his relationship with his cast members.

Queer Eye‘s food and wine specialist Antoni Porowski is opening up about his personal life, including his sexuality and close relationships with his fellow cast members.

“Some people want to define themselves, and they should as it’s part of their identity,” says the May cover star of Gay Times. “For me personally, I’ve never really had a label for myself. Today I’m gay, I’m in a gay relationship, and that’s where I am. That’s good enough for me.”

Porowski, who’s currently dating photographer Joey Krietemeyer, says he’s always considered himself a “little more fluid along the spectrum.”

“So even being called bisexual… I remember in my early twenties I was like, ‘But bisexual means I can only like girls and guys, what if I like something else?'” he says. “Maybe it’s just my rebellious nature. I’m me, I’m Antoni, and I’m all these things.”

Antoni PorowksiCredit: Gay Times
Gay Times

The Canadian native also revealed how hesitant he was about saying the popular Netflix show’s title before it aired.

“I would embarrassingly catch myself whispering ‘queer’ as though… I don’t know if I was embarrassed or I had some kind of shame, but it still felt taboo from childhood,” Porowski says.

Now the 34-year-old is more confident than ever, thanks to the show and one of his close friends and co-stars, Jonathan Van Ness.

“Hanging out with Jonathan after three or four months, it’s like, yeah, we’re gonna hold hands when we’re out having lunch,” Porowski says. “For us it’s just natural. It would be weird if we didn’t.”

Antoni PorowksiCredit: Gay Times
Gay Times

“Jonathan is so comfortable with himself that he just is who he is,” Porowksi added.

“That’s helped me open up into the person I actually think I was meant to be. I’ve also changed into a better version of myself. A more honest and true version of myself, thanks to Jonathan.”

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