It's All Happening: Pumpkin Spiced Hard Seltzer Is Coming this Fall

This proves anything can be pumpkin spiced

Pumpkin spice hard seltzer
Photo: VIVE

It was only a matter of time before pumpkin spice and hard seltzer joined forces.

VIVE Hard Seltzer just announced their new pumpkin spice-flavored canned beverage, combining two of the most omnipresent drink trends to usher in the return of fall next month.

The pumpkin spice seltzers are having a very limited release, so unfortunately you'll only be able to snag some cans if you're in Ohio, Kentucky, or Tennessee. Six-packs will be available for $9.99 at Kroger stores starting in mid-September.

Like many other hard seltzers on the market, VIVE's pumpkin spice seltzer is only 100 calories per can and has an ABV of 5%. Pumpkin Spice drinks aren't usually considered to be refreshing, but the packaging describes the drink as "crisp, light and refreshing" so it should be interesting to see how the flavors and bubbles blend together.

Fans seem to be pretty excited about this interesting combination. Several people shared their enthusiasm on Vive's Instagram announcement. "😱😱😱 omggg I am so freaking excited 🤤🤤🤤," one said. Another is already hoping this seltzer will return next year, when football season is hopefully back to normal. "Oh boy! This would have been awesome at the tailgate this year. Maybe next season!"

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Pumpkin spice season is already in full swing, with some stores bringing back the autumn-themed offerings extra early this year.

Pumpkin Spice

Fall officially started August 19 at Dunkin'. The coffee chain recently announced the return of some of their classic pumpkin-flavored drinks as well as some new snacks to get you all geared up for spooky season.

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