The tote is waterproof for those who want to toss in some ice to keep the bottles chilled.

By Claudia Harmata
July 04, 2019 12:09 PM
Credit: Ruffino

The perfect summer handbag doesn’t exi—oh, wait, never mind.

Wine brand Ruffino has partnered up with Brooklyn-based clothing label and designer StickyBaby to make the ultimate tote for this summer season: a Prosecco six-pack purse. Yes, really.

The bag comes equipped with six mini 187-milliliter bottles of Ruffino Prosecco, which totals to about a bottle and a half of wine for your enjoyment.

The adorable tote has a clear base to show off your goods, with light wooden handles and movable inserts that hold the bottles of Prosecco in place — and it’s even waterproof for those who like their bubbly chilled and want to toss in some ice when they’re on the go.

Credit: Ruffino

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“It’s six-pack season and The Ruffino Prosecco Six-Pack makes for the ultimate grab-and-go accessory,” its website description reads. “Bursting with the bright, fruity flavors of summer, Ruffino Prosecco pairs perfectly with sunny getaways and spontaneous picnics in the park.”

If this seems like an essential to your summer lifestyle, limited quantities (on a first come, first serve basis) are currently available for pre-order for $100 and will ship the week of July 15.