February 21, 2014 12:08 PM

Ali Rosen is the host and founder of Potluck Video, a food and drink website that takes you behind the culinary scene with celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, producers, mixologists and more.

We’re two months into 2014 and chefs are still talking about what they think you’ll see on the table before the year’s out.

It seems like we should all be ready for an extra dose of veggies: Chef Daniel Boulud of N.Y.C.’s Restaurant Daniel thinks vegetables may appear more often as the star of the plate, rather than as a side.  Top Chef Masters alum David Burke had the same idea: “This is a year of a vegetable breakthrough.”

On a similar note, Boulud believes chefs will have “much more concern with the environment and where the food comes from, how the food is raised [and] how the food is prepared before we prepare it.”

Other chefs diverged from produce. Food Network’s Alex Guarnaschelli thinks cooking shows will go back to basics, while wd~50’s Wylie Dufresne thinks restaurants will go the opposite way: a return to fine dining.

No matter what, we’re confident these chefs will keep turning out top-notch food. To hear all of their predictions, watch the video above.

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