April 29, 2014 01:20 PM

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It’s been said that everything is better with bacon. But can you really add bacon to everything?

Chef Peter Sherman from N.Y.C.’s Bar Bacon says yes. (We’d hope so, given the restaurant’s name!)

“Bacon is a chef’s best friend,” he says, calling the meat “the combination of the two most important things for a chef: salt and fat.” With those elements on your side, you can add flavor to any kind of dish.

The trickier part: deciding how to add bacon to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sherman starts by looking at all the elements of a dish — flavor, texture, components, preparation — to decide how to add in the meat.

If you’re making a chowder, for example, adding bacon to the stock (rather than sprinkling bacon bits into the bowl) infuses the flavor across the entire dish. But if you’re building a sandwich or dressing a lobster roll, adding bacon as another layer works just fine.

Sherman also insists on a high quality bacon from a reputable producer, since the better the bacon is, the better the dish will be.

One thing is for sure: If you’re adding bacon, you can count on the dish being a crowd pleaser. Watch the video below for all of Sherman’s tips.

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