Olive Garden is Post Malone's "favorite restaurant."

Jimmy Fallon is getting the full Olive Garden experience, courtesy of Post Malone.

On Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show, the pair took a visit to the Italian restaurant because it’s the rapper’s “favorite restaurant” and Fallon had never eaten at one before. The late night host revealed the sad fact after Post Malone stopped by the Tonight Show last week, so he convinced Fallon to stop by the Times Square location following the show.

After they roll up in a hot pink stretch limo, Post Malone takes him through everything the casual-dining chain has to offer: free wine samples, unlimited breadsticks and salad, “extra crispy” chicken parmesan, and free birthday cake.

“You don’t pay for anything at this place,” Fallon marvels. “It’s unbelievable.”

While they’re dinning, the “Better Now” singer teaches Fallon how to enjoy Olive Garden’s breadsticks “Post Malone-style.”

“Just get the butter nice and open. Pick your stick. What you’re gonna wanna do is take a bite,” he explains. “It wasn’t the best thing you’ve ever had, but now, take your butter knife, cut about two millimeters of butter and just put it on.”

It’s at that moment that Fallon is clearly converted into an Olive Garden fan: “It’s garlicky, it’s salty, it’s buttery, it’s hot and it’s cold. What else do you want?”

“And these are free?” he adds.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 6
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Olive Garden was having a moment on Thursday, and not just because of its late-night debut. A North Carolina waitress was receiving praise for stepping in to feed a customer’s fussy 18-month-old daughter so her tired mother could enjoy her meal.

Courtney Pedigo, of Greensboro, says she was out at her local Olive Garden with her young daughter, Harlynn, her stepmother and a few friends on Oct. 1 when Harlynn became tired and “wouldn’t sit still.”

Just before she was planning to leave the restaurant, her waitress, Nianni Rudder, offered to help.

“She sat there and fed [Harlynn] some ice cream and was wiping her hands and her face,” said Pedigo. “She talked to my family and opened up a bit about herself. It was pretty cool. I was just really flustered and overwhelmed and she was a breath of fresh air.”