Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian are giving us serious Monday goals.

While the reality star sisters generally maintain a health-conscious diet, they celebrated the start of the week on a private jet with designer bags and boxes of Popeyes in tow. In true Kardashian fashion, they commemorated the moment with Insta pics.

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Kourtney captioned her photo, “Popeyes on the PJ. #cheatday” while Khloé passionately posted, “Yummmmmm!! I couldn’t wait!!! Popeyes on the PJ!!! Cheat day but it’s so worth it!!!”

The Kardashians make quite the habit of merging food and flight schedules. Their captions reference the infamous (and enviable) Popeyes and PJs party they had last year after little sister Kylie made a Snapchat video calling the fast food chain “good as f—.”

And one simply must not forget the lesson momager Kris Jenner taught fancy foodies everywhere: When en route to Rome, a huge tube of caviar is the appropriate move.

From showcasing their innovative candy-eating skills to their “morning after” breakfast regimens‚ these women seem to have food palettes as expansive as their closets.