Popeyes Is Now Selling Bourbon Fudge Pies to Pair with Their Chicken Sandwiches

The dessert comes on the heels of the re-release of the chain's wildly popular fried chicken sandwich.

Popeyes Bourbon Fudge Pie
Photo: Popeyes

Popeyes keeps on blessing us with new menu items and we are certainly not complaining.

The Louisiana-based fast-food chain just announced the debut of their new Bourbon Fudge Pie. The chocolatey Southern classic features a flaky pie crust filled with a rich bourbon fudge and smooth chocolate-flavored whipped topping piped around the edge.

The dessert can be found at participating Popeyes locations nationwide for $2.49 a slice, though prices may vary depending on the location.

When you get there, there might be a huge line thanks to their instantly-famous fried chicken sandwich, which officially returned as a permanent menu item on Sunday after a more than two-month-long hiatus.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
Eric Gay/AP/Shutterstock

The sandwich is so good that it sold out after just two weeks when it was first released in August. Some people waited in line until 5 a.m., and even Gayle King had to go to 15 different Popeyes locations just to find one sandwich.

While most have been raving about it, the high expectations have naturally led to some critics—including Justin Bieber. “It’s good but it’s not worth the hype,” the singer said on his Instagram story on Thursday. “Sweet tea’s bangin’ though.”

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Prior to the re-release of the sold-out menu item, CEO Guillermo Perales of Sun Holdings Inc., a franchisee company with around 150 Popeyes locations in its portfolio, told Bloomberg that Popeyes planned to hire an additional 400 employees to be properly equipped for the return. He also added that the restaurants might dedicate two employees per location to making the sandwiches themselves.

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