December 18, 2018 06:00 AM

These emotional support animals won’t ruffle any feathers.

Popeyes announced on Tuesday that they are launching “Emotional Support Chickens” to help offset some of the stress that comes with traveling during the holidays—but it’s not exactly what you think.

The fast food chain is dishing out their three-piece chicken tenders combo in a carrier that is shaped like a chicken to give travelers a “good-hearted laugh,” according to a press release. They are only available at the Popeyes in the Philadelphia International Airport in Terminal C starting on Tuesday.

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Along with its beak and comb, the bird box comes with a disclaimer written on the front. “This chicken provides comfort and nourishment during stressful air travel,” it reads. “Unlike other chicken, it is marinated in real Louisiana spices for 12 hours and must be permitted to fly without restriction. Do not leave unattended, as Popeyes is not responsible for lost or stolen chicken.”

The fried chicken company was inspired to introduce the goofy gimmick after a year filled with headline-making news about unique emotional support animals attempting to take flight with their owners. In January, a woman tried to bring her emotional support peacock onto a United flight from New Jersey’s Newark Airport but was denied boarding.

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Dexter the peacock died unexpectedly months later in August, but not before gaining international stardom.

This month, Delta announced that they will no longer allow emotional support animals of any kind on flights longer than eight hours. They’re also banning animals under the age of 4 months from all of the airline’s fights. Luckily, Popeyes fried chicken is not subject to any of these restrictions.

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