September 22, 2015 11:47 AM


When you’re the Pope, you get to travel in style — and that includes a food menu that goes beyond your standard plane fare.

While most of us can merely hope for a bag of peanuts on a plane these days (honey roasted, if you’re really lucky), Pope Francis‘ chartered Alitalia jet on his trip from Italy to Cuba boasted an extensive, intricate menu for his team and the journalists on board.

With over 20 items to choose from, the menu (all in Italian) featured the country’s favorites like pasta and pizzettes as well as 5 different types of wine.

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Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

For a canapé to start, there was an herbed shrimp with asparagus and a stuffed olive.

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Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

Followed by a meat and cheese spread with mixed grilled vegetables and pizzettes (and a teeny tiny bottle of olive oil in the side!)

Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

Then pasta, two ways: potato ravioli with a creamy béchamel sauce, and a cheese-stuffed pasta crepe with limcello zucchini and Chinook salmon.

Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

And finishing off with a simply sweet fruit dessert with a chocolate truffle and a crunchy chocolate Sfizio cookie.

Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

And in case none of this was to Pope Francis’ liking, Univision correspondent María Antonieta Collins surprised him with a box of Argentinean empanadas, which he then shared with the other journalists on board.

Courtesy Elizabeth Dias/TIME

The Pope is currently on a week-long visit to Cuba and the United States, where he will arrive in the nation’s capital on Tuesday.

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Shay Spence, reporting by Elizabeth Dias

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