By Marquaysa Battle
Updated December 01, 2020 02:55 PM
pokemon burger
Credit: Source: Down N' Out/Instagram

Pikachu burger, we choose you!

Pokémon Go has sparked dozens of food crazes including the Pikachurro, Pokéball Frappuccinos from the Starbucks secret menu and countless yummy desserts. But this latest burger addition pretty much takes the cake for the best food idea to come out of this nostalgic millennial moment.

Australian pop-up Down N’ Out—an homage to America’s fast food favorite, In N’ Out Burger—introduced three Pokémon burgers to the world on Tuesday and, yes, they’re just as adorable as the actual pocket monsters. Each “Pokéburg” costs $15 and are served one per customer as an eat-in only meal.

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The Pikachu burger consists of a patty topped with layers of cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and fries between yellow buns with two black-tipped chips to mimic Pikachu’s ears. Two kinds of cheese, sausage, ketchup, and crushed chips sandwiched between two orange buns make up the Charmander burger. The Bulbasaur burger is made with loads of lettuce, pickles and American cheese between two green buns. A piece of broccoli is even stuck in the top of the Bulbasaur bun to serve as the bulb on the grass Pokémon’s back. Each creation is also printed with the cute creatures’ faces.

The Pokémon burgers went on sale at 5 p.m. and sold out within the hour, according to the Down N’ Out Facebook page. To meet the high demand, the Sydney-based pop-up restaurant plans on tripling its supply for the upcoming days. The burgers will only be available until Sunday, September 3 — so you better book your flight fast.