It's Official: Pizza Hut Really Is Selling a Pizza Surrounded by 28 Hot Dogs

Pizza Hut

Yes, pizza is technically an Italian creation, but we’re not sure where this crazy combo originates from.

Pizza Hut has combined a pseudo-American meal with another to create the ultimate coupling of foods: Pizza and hot dogs. Or more specifically, pizza with a pigs in a blanket crust. Basically, your favorite team scoring a home run (during the world series) for your taste buds.

From the center, Pizza Hut’s latest creation looks just like a normal large pizza, covered in gooey cheese and pepperoni. But get to the edge, and where you’d normally see a crunchy crust, and instead there’s a line of pigs in a blanket instead — with a side of mustard along with it, naturally.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has experimented with non-traditional crusts. Late last year, Pizza Hut served up a Doritos-crust pizza in Australia. Two weeks ago, the land down under got another unique offering with a meat-pie-stuffed crust.

And in April, they created the pizza of a middle school class’s dreams, a pretzel crust stuffed with bacon mac and cheese.

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This is one of the first of the unconventional crusts that will be available to the public in the United States. And coming in at $11.99, it’s a bargain for what’s got to end up being a number of hot dogs and a large pizza — especially when compared with ballpark prices.

—Diana Pearl

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