March 10, 2015 03:58 PM


Finally, a pizza box we won’t be embarrassed to have sitting in our kitchen for months.

A new miniature oven shaped like a pizza box is the appliance we never knew we desperately needed. The CuiZen PIZ-2012 Pizza Box Oven looks like a standard delivery box — complete with grinning Italian chef — but is designed to reheat leftover pizza or bake the frozen pie that’s been wedged in the back of your freezer since snowstorm Juno.

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The adjustable thermostat can crank up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit (don’t worry about burning yourself: there’s a heat-resistant stainless steel handle). Plus, the oven has a 30-minute timer and is equipped with rotating top and bottom elements for an evenly cooked and perfectly crisp crust.

The box, which can cook up to a 12-inch pie, costs $47.99 on Amazon. The price tag may seem high for a novelty item, but for the pizza-obsessed, there is no price too steep for an oven that will revolutionize our late-night eating strategy.

—Maria Yagoda

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