Source: Pizza ATM/Facebook
Credit: Source: Pizza ATM/Facebook

I’ve you’ve ever attended college, chances are pizza has played a big role in your diet.

Whether you’ve partied a little too hard, pulled an all-nighter or just had the hankering for a warm cheese pie, pizza seems to always hit the spot — and Cincinnati’s Xavier University seems to agree. Lucky students of the school are about to experience the first pizza ATM in the U.S, reports WPCO.

Partnering with a French-based company, the university is set to install a machine that holds 70 12-inch pies at a time – ranging in price from $9-$10 depending on toppings – which they can pay for with a student card or credit card.

So, how exactly does it work and more importantly, how does it taste? Well, the process sounds promising.

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The pizzas are prepared by the dining hall staff, who have undergone “40 hours of training for a French Chef,” according to the Cincinnati Business Courier. After a student selects their desired pizza on a touch screen, it is then slid into a convection oven, cooked at 475°F and put in a cardboard box, which pops out of a slot in the ATM within three minutes.

The pizza ATM opens August 10, just in time for the new semester (Xavier estimates selling 300 pizzas per day). And while the machine is open to the public, only students and university staff can access it after 8 p.m. Good news for college kids looking for a late-night pizza binge.