Anna Camp Reveals the Romantic Meal Skylar Astin Made to Win Her Over

"It worked out! I married him," says the Pitch Perfect star

Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Sometimes winning over someone’s heart means first winning over their stomach — and Anna Camp is no stranger to the idea.

Long before the Pitch Perfect star married her co-star Skylar Astin, he was whipping up meals in the kitchen to impress her.

“When we were first dating, I remember a meal where he set up his kitchen table with candles and he had some grilled vegetables and there might have been some sort of stir-fry thing going on with a really lovely salad and feta cheese and olives and tomatoes,” Camp told PEOPLE on Wednesday while promoting NESTEA’s “Less is More” campaign. “I remember that there were several different things and he was very proud of it.”

“So it worked out! I married him,” she adds.

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Camp says the couple, who wed last October, now have their own go-to dishes they like to make for each other.

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“He’s the best at making breakfast, so he’s in charge of the breakfast and we usually do a little Tex-Mex with black beans and salsa and scrambled eggs and stuff,” she says. “I do a really good BBQ potato chip chicken. So I crunch up BBQ potato chips and I batter the chicken in them and put some lime juice and maybe add like a splash of tequila, which is really good.”

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