Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Tearfully Sends Her Daughter Paige Off to College

"Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart," the Food Network star posted on Instagram.

Ree Drummond has experience sending a kid off to college, but the Food Network star says the second time around wasn’t much easier.

On Thursday, the Pioneer Woman shared a photo of herself hugging her daughter Paige, 18, with the caption: “Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your child at college is no picnic. I’ve done it once before and thought maybe this time would be a little easier. I think it’s a little harder.”

While Drummond—who is also mom to daughter Alex, 21, and sons Bryce, 15, and Todd, 14, with her husband Ladd—was sad to see her second-born go, she says she’s excited for Paige’s next chapter at the University of Arkansas.

“Through all the tears, I see this clearly: What a joy it is to usher her into the next stage of her life. Paige, I’m so grateful to be your mom,” she continued.

Two days prior, Drummond posted another photo of Paige in anticipation of her send-off, writing: “My sweet beautiful girl leaves for college this week. I have no words. I actually do have words, but I can’t let them out right now for fear the dam will break.”

The chef, who is known for sharing personal family photos and memories on Instagram, also previously shared photos of her nephew’s graduation in June.

“They were all tiny cowboys/cowgirls yesterday! Now they won’t stop graduating from high school,” she wrote. “I asked Bryce and Todd to promise me they will never pursue independence, higher education, or any of that nonsense that would one day take them away from their mother. (They have not gotten back to me yet…).”

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