Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's New Children's Book Series Features Someone You Might Know

The Food Network star knows a thing or two about writing.

Photo: Courtesy Pioneer Woman Mercantile

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine.

Ree Drummond, the Food Network’s Pioneer Woman, knows a thing or two about writing. After all, it was due to her enormous success in the blogging world that she landed her own television show on Food Network, a kitchenware collection at Walmart, and her very own magazine. Not to mention her general-store-slash-restaurant, four cookbooks, and a series of children’s books about the life of her dog.

Now, Drummond’s getting back to her writer roots with a new children’s book series. This one, which features a very familiar-looking redhead, is all about the transition from life in the city to life in the country, and it’s aptly titled Little Ree.

The Ree we meet in the book goes on her fair share of farm adventures, getting to know her new surroundings, meeting farm animals, and even learning to dress the part.

“Little Ree trades in her city days for a country way of life when she moves with her family to her grandparents’ ranch,” the book’s description reads. “She’s excited to ride horses, swim in the pond, and help Grandma cook for everyone. But on her first day, she finds that living on a ranch can be tough…Luckily, the end of the day brings a big family barbecue…and the happy discovery that being a country girl isn’t about the right pair of boots, it’s all about the right attitude.”

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Plus, there’s a “special pancake recipe” at the end of the book — which means even parents have something to look forward to here.

Drummond will be making stops in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee this week, with more states to be added to her tour next month. But we’re not sure if she even needs to travel so much. The book’s already a bestseller on Amazon, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Grab your own copy here!

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