"There was an immediate difference in the culture of our house," said the Food Network star

By Mary Honkus
January 03, 2020 05:29 PM
Credit: Mike D'Avello for Cowboys & Indians Magazine

Life on Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s Oklahoma farm has gotten a lot more masculine lately.

In an interview with Cowboys & Indians for their January cover story, the Food Network star shared some secrets behind her newest cookbook The New Frontier: 112 Fantastic Favorites for Everyday Eating, and talked about family life now that two of her four kids are out of the house.

“When Alex, my oldest, left for college in 2015, it was sad and difficult as is always the case when the first kid goes to college,” she told C&I of her eldest daughter. “But I still had my second daughter, Paige, at home, so while we experienced a void where Alex had been, the vibe in our household was still the same.”

From left: Bryce, Alex, Paige and Todd Drummond
| Credit: Ree Drummond/Instagram

The more drastic change occurred when Paige, 19, went off to college in 2018. (Drummond previously opened up about her sad goodbye as Paige started her first semester at the University of Arkansas.)

Credit: Mike D'Avello for Cowboys & Indians Magazine

“There was an immediate difference in the culture of our house. It was suddenly, very noticeably, a man cave, where ranching and football were (and still are!) the primary focus,” Drummond explained, now that it is just her two sons Bryce, 17, and Todd, 15, along with her husband, Ladd, still living at home.

She “had to fight” to keep the female energy in the house, she says, but having two children in college also allowed her to appreciate the quiet times and explore new creative outlets — like her new cookbook.

Drummond explained the long process of creating The New Frontier to C&I. “It’s all-encompassing and completely consumes me for the better part of the year,” she said. For her newest title she came up with the recipe ideas before drafting them out, testing and ultimately shooting the photos herself in her own home.

Credit: Mike D'Avello for Cowboys & Indians Magazine

“It took 14 shoot days over about five months for us to cook and shoot all 112 recipes,” Drummond added. Through all the craziness of putting together her cookbook, Drummond said that keeping close to her faith has kept her grounded.

Read the full interview in Cowboys & Indians January issue, on stands now.