Is Pineapple Acceptable on Pizza? Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton and More Celebs Weigh In

One of America's greatest debates rages on

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The great debate first kicked off in February when Iceland's president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson said, if he could, he would ban the topping altogether. Pineapple lovers and haters around the world then went to town, revealing their opinions, making it one of the most important life choices. See what the following celebrities have said about the never-ending hot topic.

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During a segment on his late night talk show, the Live! host declared: "Pineapples do not belong on pizza. I don’t care where you're from. Any pizza that tastes better with pineapple wasn’t a good pizza. It's not even a pizza it's like a pizza colada."

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According to the Silicon Valley costars, the thought of pineapple on their pizza has been a bit of a misunderstanding. "As a kid I didn't get it, now I fully understand. What a treat. What a treat pineapple is," Middleditch has said, while Miller adds: "It's sweetness on a pizza. As an adult I don't get it but I still eat it. As a child I understood it, but I wanted to stay away from it. I thought anything with ham on it looked gross."

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"I actually like it. I love Hawaiian pizza. I think it’s really good," Hilton recently told PEOPLE.

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Justin Trudeau
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Canada's Prime Minister says the creation is one he loves. "I have a pinapple. I have a pizza. And I stand behind this delicious Southwestern Ontario creation. #TeamPineapple," he once tweeted.

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Justin Bieber Performs in Cape Town
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"Pineapple on pizza is good, you guys don't like that?" Bieber said while a guest on the Jay Leno Show in 2011. Leno, meanwhile, strongly disagreed replying, "That's the only part of [Bieber's documentary] that disturbed me, the rest of it is really good."

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"You don’t put f—ing pineapple on pizza,” the chef famously declared, ending the debate for many Hell's Kitchen fans.

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“I don’t want people saying what should or should not be on a pizza,” the chef told PEOPLE in response to Ramsay's declaration. “You put anything on a pizza you damn well feel like." But when it comes to what he likes himself, he says: “I happen to be a classicist when it comes to pizza. I like very little stuff. I want some salty meat product, and a bunch of cheese, and maybe one green thing to throw in a little flavor twist like arugula or something. But if somebody wants pineapple on their pizza, I don’t think anybody gets to be a Pizza Nazi. You can have whatever you want on it.”

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