Pringles Is Releasing a Pickle Flavor Thanks to 'Rick and Morty'

The special-edition chips will have an epic ad during the Super Bowl, of course

rick and morty Pringles
Photo: Pringles

This is a really big dill.

Pringles announced Tuesday that they are partnering with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty to make the most epic chip ever: the Pickle Rick Pringles. This limited-edition flavor is being released just in time for Super Bowl, and yes, you can expect a commercial during the second quarter of the big game.

The chips are inspired by the most famous (and award-winning) episode of the cult-hit cartoon, “Pickle Rick.” In the episode, Rick turns himself into a pickle to prove to Morty he can survive as a pickle…and to avoid going to family therapy, naturally.

“We’re very thoughtful about who we partner with around Rick and Morty and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new relationship with Pringles,” said Jill King, senior vice president, marketing and partnerships, Adult Swim. King also hinted that the partnership will last all year long in “really exciting ways.”

We can only expect this year’s Pringles Super Bowl commercial to be just as humorous as last year’s “Sad Device” spot. In the commercial, two friends stack their favorite Pringles to create their own unique flavor mashup. When one of the guys asks his smart device how many possible stackable combinations there are, the device responds “318,000,” before going into a rant about how it will never be able to taste any Pringle ever.

Unlike the sad smart device, you will be able to taste the Pickle Rick Pringles hitting shelves on Feb. 2. We can already hear Rick saying, “I’m Pringle Rick!”

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