Pickle Juice Soft Serve Is Now a Thing—Here's Where You Can Taste the Tangy Treat

In case you haven't noticed, pickles are kind of a big dill.

While some people love a good pickle on their sandwich or deep fried dipped in ranch, others are repulsed by the salty vegetable. But no matter which way you slice it, it seems that right now, pickles are kind of a big dill.

At Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., a fast-casual Asian joint located in New York City’s Upper West Side, you can now order this polarizing food in soft serve form.

The restaurant’s owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis and executive chef Glenroy Brown told Refinery 29 that although they’ve been making pickle concoctions for years (the duo also run Jacob’s Pickles and Maison Pickle in New York City), they wanted to introduce something a little different that would compliment Lucky Pickle’s menu offerings and cleanse customer’s palates.

Instead of making pickle the overwhelming flavor, the duo went with pressed cucumber for their main ingredient, with just a tad of pickle juice mixed in and pickle slices on top.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. Icecream CR: missvivianwc/Instagram

“Most of our food on the menu is a little bit spicier because it’s Asian, so we wanted something lighter, more crisp, and cucumber-flavored soft serve just came to mind from both of us,” Brown said.

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The result is a dessert that Refinery 29 calls “light and fresh” and “especially refreshing on an unseasonably hot early May afternoon.”

“The treat also has a tang to it,” continues the website’s taste testers, “which makes it taste similar to a half-sour pickle, or a pickled cucumber that spends only a short amount of time in its brine.”

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If you’re skeptical of the pickle juice flavor, the eatery has two other soft serve offerings: matcha and chocolate-dipped. But if the interesting combination of salty and sweet has you intrigued, there’s more where that came from. Earlier this year, Sonic announced that they would rolling out pickle juice slushes in June—just in time for summer.

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