To quote 'School House Rock,' three is a magic number — particularly when you're talking about three types of pie baked into a cake.

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Updated December 08, 2020 11:54 AM
Cherpumple Pie

To quote School House Rock, three is a magic number — particularly when you’re talking about three types of pie baked into a cake.

For Pi Day (a deliciously nerdy math holiday; 3/14 corresponds to 3.14, get it?), meet the cherpumple: a cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie all baked into a layer cake.

Love it? Grossed out? Or maybe you’ve been lucky (unlucky?) enough to eat one: This 15-pound tower of sugar, butter and sticky fruit filling holds the same revered place in foodie pop culture as the turducken (a chicken stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside of a turkey), but is — believe it or not! — much easier to make.

Oh, and we’re joking about the unlucky part. No matter which way you slice it (and with this behemoth, there’s really only one way: very carefully), a cherpumple is an incredible combination of your favorite pies. Except no need to pick favorites, because they’re all there, living in exquisite dessert harmony.

The secret to baking one: Treat each layer as a separate project. Make your favorite cherry pie recipe, then your favorite white cake recipe (box mix? More than fine). Pour about 1⅓ cups batter in the cake pan (square or round; just make sure the pie can fit comfortably inside), then carefully get the pie out of its tin, push it gently but firmly into the batter, pour enough remaining batter in to cover the pie and bake the cake like you would if there weren’t an entire pie inside of it.

Repeat with pumpkin pie and spice cake, and apple pie and yellow cake. Once cool, layer them like you would any layer cake, coat in the frosting of your choice and bam: a bouncing baby cherpumple!

For inspiration, we’ve gathered a gallery of our favorite cherpumples, starting with the above beauty from Instagram user amcurtis77, whose cherpumple truly is a picture of perfection. But even if your cake sags a little with the weight, remember: It is still going to taste amazing, be remembered for years and take you months in the gym to work off.

Happy Pi Day!

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