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Updated December 08, 2020 12:50 PM
Mountain Dew Doritos

Our first thought when we heard about Dewitos, the Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew that PepsiCo has been taste-tasting on college campuses? Sounds more like “EWW-ritos” — or possibly a hoax.

It’s definitely no joke: According to Reddit user and Kent University freshman Steve Barnes, the company was handing out sample cups of the Dewritos flavor on campus, which Barnes called “the weirdest thing I’ve ever drunken” and that the Doritos flavor lingered at the end. “It honestly wasn’t too disgusting … it just had a really strong Doritos aftertaste which was odd. It was like … if you shoved a handful of Doritos in your mouth and chugged some [Mountain] Dew at the same time. Not that I’ve ever done that,” he wrote.

According to Barnes, the company was also handing out other flavors such as lemon-ginger (he called it “ok but it just tasted like ginger ale”), mango habanero and rainbow sherbet, “which tasted like medicine.”

A rep for Mountain Dew confirmed the taste tests with PEOPLE, saying, “We are always testing out new flavors of Mountain Dew, and giving our fans a voice in helping decide on the next new product has always been important to us. We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small program at colleges and universities.”

Discussion of the Dewitos mashup has been popping up all over the Internet. A writer on Barstool Sports said what everyone else was thinking: “You’d think Dewitos would be a stoner’s dream but even they might not go for it.” Reddit user elperdedor seemed to think there was a practical benefit to combining chips and soda into one beverage: “The last thing you want is greasy orange dust all over your $40 XBox Bluetooth controller when you’re trying to snipe an enemy.” User suessbrody got a bit more existential: “When did real life become an episode of South Park?”

As for the giant cola corporation’s motive for the trial, Barnes probably nailed it, saying Dewitos was “just something created to generate buzz..which I have helped them do I guess,” he wrote.

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—Lexi Dwyer