Just when you thought you couldn't love Peeps anymore than you already do
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Peeps Oreos
Credit: OREO

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Peeps anymore than you already do, Oreo goes and turns them into a cookie.

The limited-edition cookies inspired by the iconic Easter candies were first spotted on Walmart.com and will be available in Walmart stores starting Feb. 22 — but a representative for Oreo tells PEOPLE the new exciting flavor is also already available nationally in a variety of grocery stores.

The latest creation to pop out of the Oreo Wonder Vault is made up of two golden cookies and bright pink marshmallow Peeps-flavored creme covered in sugar. They retail for $4.49 per package.

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The Peeps Oreos are not the first sweet treat to get us excited for spring. Vanilla cupcake M&M’s and Reese’s gold eggs are both rumored to make an appearance on shelves before Easter.

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