Peeps Coffee Creamer Has Arrived, So You Better Hop to It

This sweetness is sure to wake you right up.

Looks like our mornings are about to get sweeter!

International Delight just announced a brand new coffee creamer to add some color to your cup, based on the the always-polarizing marshmallow Peeps candy.

According to the press release, the limited-edition flavor is “sweet, marshmallow-y, and yellow” to copy the pastel color and chipper essence of the original candy. The cheerful-looking product shows adorable Peeps plastered all over the bottle, and topped off with a bright yellow cap.


While Peeps bunnies don’t typically hit stores until the spring, the creamer will be available in select shops starting in January. This “candy in a cup” is sold in 32-oz. bottles, each costing $3.79.

“Now hatching! New Peeps brand creamer….Yep, yellow. Because it’s Peeps and we can,” the brand wrote in an Instagram post announcing the product.


This isn’t the first time International Delight has released wild coffee creamer flavors. Over the summer, they debuted their Oreo creamer, and you can also find Reese’s, Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel or Cinnabon flavors on the shelves as well.

For those not as adventurous, however, the company still produces it’s classic flavors like French Vanilla or Hazelnut.

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