July 26, 2016 11:53 AM

As if we weren’t already braving a serious coffee addiction…

M&M’s has made a sweet sport out of rolling out new flavors that cater to our greatest food weaknesses—remember the strawberry shortcake, pecan pie and pumpkin spice latte flavors?

Earlier this year, the candy company let the fans choose their own dream flavor in a 2015 “Vote For Your Favorite Peanut” campaign. From March 1 to June 17, fans purchased the limited versions and sent in their favorite selections. Not all that surprisingly, most voters jumped for the java—with Coffee Nut beating out its Chile and Honey Nut competitors.

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M&M’s snagged Veep‘s Tony Hale to deliver the nutty news to his candy friend, Yellow, in a hilarious exchange that wasn’t exactly milk chocolate-y smooth.

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The new candies will hit stores in August, so Yellow has a few days to process the information. As for us? Well, we’re already making plans to dump a few of those coffee nut M&Ms at the bottom of a latte topped with whipped cream and more coffee nut M&Ms. Because, #foodielife.

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