EXCLUSIVE: Patti LaBelle Launches Five New Desserts to Replicate the Success of Her Sweet Potato Pies

Patti LaBelle - Food
Photo: Paul Morigi/FilmMagic

Good news, America: Patti LaBelle has some sweet surprises in store for us.

After the massive success of her sweet potato pies in 2015, the legendary singer has developed five new desserts which will be available exclusively at Walmart starting Tuesday, August 29. On the menu are three cobblers (apple, peach, and berry), apple pecan cake, and sweet potato loaf — a nod to last year’s pie that’s similar to banana bread.

To help create the recipes, LaBelle drew upon family recipes as well as her own experimentation in the kitchen. “I’ve been cooking for most of my life,” she tells PEOPLE. “As you’re standing in the kitchen and you think of certain ingredients, you just put them in — sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t.”


The desserts — which LaBelle says are “for anyone with good taste” — are pre-baked, you just have to toss them in the oven to warm them through again. And the best part? “You can even lie and say you made them,” she laughs. (Duly noted.)

Of course, the frenzy over last year’s pies came largely on the heels of YouTube star James Wright Chanel, who recorded a video of himself raving over the confections that became a viral sensation and led to the pies immediately flying off the shelves.

LaBelle and Chanel became friends shortly thereafter, with the singer calling him her “new son” in an interview with PEOPLE in December 2015. Though the two have remained close — “he’ll never be out of my life,” LaBelle says — she doesn’t anticipate the same thing to happen this time around.

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“I’m definitely sending him everything to taste but I’m not expecting him to do anything like that again,” she says. “That was a one time thing only.” As to whether she thinks she can replicate her previous success, regardless: “I better!,” she laughs.

LaBelle also mentioned plans for a new cookbook, which she says will be “filled with desserts” and should be available “before the end of the year.”

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