The legendary singer has been whipping up her comfort food favorites¬†for family and friends—very famous friends, no less—for years.
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The world was introduced to Patti LaBelle’s skills in the kitchen after the success of her Walmart sweet potato pies in 2015, but the legendary singer has been whipping up her comfort food favorites for family and friends—very famous friends, no less—for years.

In a recent Vanity Fair article, LaBelle recalled the time she cooked for Prince at Paisley Park, while the two were recording Be Yourself.

“When I recorded with him, I think I might have been there for a week, and he made the week feel like Christmas,” she said. “He had his studio there that they design clothes for him in Paisley Park, and he had me go up, and they made me three outfits. He gave a little party for me at a disco and we danced, did the disco bunny hop.”

“He took me to his house to cook for him, and he was shooting pool as I was cooking,” she continued, “and when everything was done, I said, ‘Dinner’s ready!’ He said, ‘Oh, I just want a roll.’”

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The cookbook author remembers fighting with Elton John in the 1960s over a tupperware container he took home. “There was always something about Ms. Patti getting her tupperware back,” she said. “Eventually, he gave me a diamond ring, and I called it quits.”

LaBelle—who expanded her Walmart dessert line to include fruit cobblers and banana pudding—also counts Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones among her impressive list of celebrity cooking encounters.

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“They were going to Philadelphia at the Spectrum and they wanted me to make some food for them, so I said, ‘What do you want?’ They said, ‘Anything you think is good, we’ll eat it,’” she said. “So I just decided to make everything that I know is great. They had brisket, short ribs, fresh corn off the cob, cabbage, salted chicken.”