The heiress is flexing her acting muscle for a cause she believes in.

Good news, House of Wax fans: Paris Hilton is once again flexing her acting muscle, this time for a cause she believes in.

In a new ad campaign for SodaStream, the fragrance mogul plays a scientist at the Paris Hilton Institute for Plastic Pollution Solutions—clad in a pink leopard print lab coat, duh. Her goal? To “invent a miracle that will cure the world” of plastic bottles.

“Think how stupid and how 2003 you look carrying your sparkling water home from the store,” she says in the ad, harkening back to the debut year of her timeless and effortlessly funny reality show The Simple Life.

For Hilton, filming the commercial was not only “so fun,” but eye-opening. “I just learned so much that I never knew before,” she tells PEOPLE. “People don’t realize what they’re doing to our planet and what’s going to happen one day if they don’t stop. It’s killing animals in the ocean, it’s polluting the earth, and it’s unnecessary.”

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Beyond that, the heiress was thrilled to show off her comedic skills. “I think a lot of people might not know that I have that fun side to me,” she says. “I wanted to have fun with myself and make people laugh and entertain people. Doing things like this really does raise awareness in a fun, positive way.”

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And while we’re thrilled about Hilton’s return to the screen, don’t expect a reality comeback any time soon. “I have production companies all around the world pitching me ideas to get back into reality, but I just feel like you can’t top Simple Life,” says Hilton. “Plus, I just don’t really like the term ‘reality star.’ I feel much more proud as a businesswoman.”