Paris Hilton Plans to Drop More 'Cooking With Paris' Episodes 'Very Soon' — Get All the Details

In the meantime, fans can try her "Sliving Burger" on Uber Eats

Chef Paris is ready to make her return.

The world fell in love with Paris Hilton's cooking skills when she unveiled the first episode of her YouTube show "Cooking with Paris" back in January, and since then she's been busy crafting up some delectable dishes for the series.

The reality star tells PEOPLE that she's been filming a number of episodes over the past few months. "There’s going to be more coming out very soon," she says. "The last one I just did was with my sister [Nicky Hilton Rothschild] — we cooked different party hors d’oeuvres like Jell-O shots and nachos."

And for those of you who would prefer a hardcopy of her recipes — like the "famous lasagna" from the first episode of "Cooking with Paris" — well, you're in luck. Hilton revealed that she's also working on her own cookbook. "People will see in the next couple months," she teases.

In the meantime, fans can try Hilton's latest masterpiece right on Uber Eats. The heiress dreamed up the "Princess Paris Sliving Burger" with Hunter Pritchett, chef at Atrium restaurant in Los Angeles, for Uber Eats & Off the Menu's Burger Showdown.

Hilton is one of more than 60 celebrities (including Matthew McConaughey, Shay Mitchell, and Max Greenfield) participating in the virtual celebrity burger competition going on May 28 through May 31. Each star was paired with a restaurant in one of 10 cities to craft up their own custom burger — and whoever's burger has the most likes and orders will have a donation made in their name to Frontline Foods' Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Cooking with Paris
Paris Hilton/YouTube

Hilton's Sliving burger, named after her signature slang for slaying and living your best life, is made with Wagyu beef "which makes it taste insane," she says. It's topped with melted cheddar cheese, butter lettuce, star-shaped dill pickles, onion rings, a special pink sauce, and honey. Yes, honey.

"There's just so many different elements to it — it's just like the perfect burger," she adds.

Paris Hilton Burger
Atrium LA x Paris Hilton

For Hilton, putting honey on this burger was a no brainer. "I like honey on most things, actually," she says. "I make these really amazing turkey sandwiches and I always put honey on the toasted sourdough – that with the mustard makes it taste sweet and sour. It’s just good, so I thought it would be great on the burger, and it's different than what other people are making."

Watch the full clip above to hear more about the inspiration behind her creation.

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