Paris Hilton Joins the Irwin Family in New Uber Eats Campaign: 'That's So Crikey'

Paris Hilton and the famous Australian conservationists Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin star in a set of new commercials for the food delivery service

paris hilton, bindi irwin

Paris Hilton is bringing her pizazz down under.

In an unexpected collaboration, Hilton joins Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin in a new Uber Eats campaign set at the Australia Zoo.

The foursome stars in a series of new ads set at the zoo, which is run by the Irwin family. In the first ad released on Sunday, Bindi, 23, gets her take-out order ("veggie parmies and chippies") delivered to the zoo, and then the family each takes turns introducing different animals around the property.

Bindi is accompanied by a crocodile before the camera jumps to her brother, Robert, who's cozying up with a lizard. The siblings' mother, Terri, then showcases the zoo's giraffes before their "new zookeeper" introduces an enclosure filled with chihuahuas.

Hilton is shown carrying a chihuahua of her own dressed in a pink zoo uniform.

"Crikey, Paris. This is where we keep the snakes," Terri tells the former reality star in the humorous ad.

"That is so crikey," Hilton responds looking down at a snake that appears to have swallowed one of the small dogs.

In a second ad spot, Hilton is seen relaxing on a shell-shaped pool float which turns out to be floating in a crocodile enclosure.

"Tonight, I'll be eating king fish ceviche with my zoo fam," Hilton says, dressed head to toe in pink and accompanied by a chihuahua.

"You guys want some?" she asks.

The camera then shows Robert holding a piece of meat with his family standing close behind feeding a crocodile near where Hilton is floating.

"A bit busy, Paris," he says.

"Fine, more for me," Hilton responds.

In a statement from Uber, Hilton shared what it was like to collaborate with the Irwins.

"The Irwins have become my ZFFs - they're my zoo fam forever. It was so much fun filming these segments with them," she said. "I really hope the audience finds the commercials as joyful as I found filming them!"

The celebrity quartet is the latest of many famous faces to be featured in Uber Eat's "Tonight I'll be eating...." campaign. Boy George, Simone Biles, Jonathan Van Ness and Naomi Watts have all been featured in the spots.

paris hilton, bindi irwin

In addition to the "Tonight I'll be Eating..." campaign, Uber has called on other pop culture figures to be the faces of the delivery service.

Jennifer Coolidge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah, and Succession star Nicholas Braun were all featured in the company's hilarious Super Bowl commercial reminding people that their service delivers much more than just food.

"Who would have thought? When they told me they wanted to do this, I thought it was a crank phone call!" Coolidge told PEOPLE of her partnership with the company. "But it's been so great working with Uber Eats because they've really made this into a great business. It's a concept I didn't know anything about before I signed up to do this commercial. I thought they just did food, but there are so many things you can have delivered with Uber Eats. It's just so cool that you can just get on an app and get everything brought to your house!"

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