Paris Hilton Debuts a New Cooking Show with Her 'Famous Lasagna'

"I'm actually one of the best cooks ever," the former Simple Life star told PEOPLE.

Things in Paris Hilton‘s kitchen are getting…hot. Sorry.

The famous DJ and heiress, 38, dropped her latest project this week: a YouTube series called Cooking with Paris. In the first episode (above), Hilton gets behind the stove with her sous chef, her tiny black chihuahua Diamond Baby, who is “killing it” in a custom Chanel apron.

Revealing her culinary origin story, Hilton says: “My entire life, I just remember sitting on the counter and watching my mom cook.”

The former Simple Life star proceeds to make her “famous lasagna”, but not without some obstacles along the way. She has to shred mozzarella by hand, for example, because she didn’t buy the pre-shredded cheese that she prefers—thankfully she’s wearing stylish black fingerless gloves to protect her knuckles from harm’s way on the box grater. (Pro tip: If you want to easily shred mozzarella, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes so it will firm up and won’t fall apart.)

Cooking with Paris
Paris Hilton/YouTube

Later, in an attempt to season from up high in the style of Salt Bae (or any other chef, really), Hilton mostly misses the meat she was aiming for, instead giving her stove top a nice even layer of seasoning. Of course, she recovers gracefully and goes on confidently in the direction of her dreams.

At one point, Hilton also realizes that she forgot to add the onion and garlic to the sauce, but it doesn’t matter. “I feel my lasagna should not have onion or garlic in it,” she decides on the fly.

Minor mishaps aside, what ultimately emerges from the oven is a big, beautiful lasagna, with an evenly-browned cheesy top layer. Now that, my friends, is indeed hot, so let it cool for at least 10 to 15 minutes before slicing.

Cooking with Paris
Paris Hilton/YouTube

In a 2017 interview with PEOPLE, Hilton mentioned her skills in the kitchen. “I’m actually one of the best cooks ever. I love cooking, I’ve been cooking my whole life,” she said. “My mom’s taught me to make the most amazing lasagna and tacos, Mexican food, Chinese food. I can cook anything.”

Hilton’s calm confidence in the kitchen is something we’re sure to see more of, as she promises in the debut episode, asking fans to weigh in on what she should make next.

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