Parent Trap Star Elaine Hendrix Partners with Evian to Give Out Special Edition Water Bottles

Elaine Hendrix, who played Meredith Blake, got back in her matching black tracksuit (and mini backpack!) for the occasion

Elaine Hendrix
Photo: Evian

Elaine Hendrix still wants her evian — even long after her role as the villainous Meredith Blake in The Parent Trap.

The actress, who played the would-be step-mother to Lindsay Lohan in the beloved 1998 film, is proving that she's nothing like her antagonistic character with her latest endeavor: She's teaming up with evian to give out a special edition water bottle.

And as a shout-out to Parent Trap fans, Hendrix got back in her matching black tracksuit (and mini backpack!) from the iconic camping scene for the promotional photo.

Fans are eligible to win one of 10 special edition water bottles with the tagline "All these years, still my favorite" by commenting on Hendrix's Instagram post on Wednesday through Friday at midnight EST.

"I promise it will be lizard free...or will it?! 🦎😈," Hendrix cheekily captioned her post.


On Monday, the actress, 49, reunited with her fellow Parent Trap costars — including Dennis Quaid and Lohan — for a reunion moderated by Katie Couric. The virtual get-together raised money for World Central Kitchen, so evian is following suit in honor of their partnership by donating $5,000 to WCK.

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During the reunion, Hendrix and her costars paid tribute to late cast member Natasha Richardson, who died of blunt force trauma after a skiing accident in 2009 at age 45.

"She would come into the hair-and-makeup trailer and she would literally swoon over talking about Liam and her kids, and she would call him 'my Liam.'" said Hendrix. "They truly seemed to have it all, which, to me, made what happened even more heartbreaking."

parent trap reunion
Parent Trap reunion. Katie Couric/Instagram

Later in the reunion, Lohan explained how she worked to switch back and forth between her dual roles as twins Hallie and Annie, mentioning that her wigs and costumes helped her become each character.

The actress even recalled that on set, people treated her differently while in character for either twin.

"I feel like people treated me differently when I was Annie, because Annie was so much nicer, and Hallie was kinda like me," Lohan explained, who said she didn't feel like she was working while making the movie, describing it as a "learning experience."

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